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If you’re working to expand your business, you might be wondering if you should publish an app for your customers or clients. Just like everything with business and life, there are pros and cons to that decision. It would help you reach people around the clock, but then you need someone that can develop it and keep it running smoothly.

So, the question becomes – is building an app worth it? Let’s break it down.


In November 2014 (over six years ago!), Forbes published an article about why businesses needed an app. Think about the difference in technology between now and then. That long ago, it could be argued that apps other than social media weren’t necessary for companies because there really weren’t that many of them and people’s focus was the social networking ability. Today it’s a different story.

Around-the-Clock Access and Communication
Unless you’re keeping your doors (or phone lines) open 24/7, there’s a good portion of the day that your customers can’t reach you or your products/services. Most people have a smart phone (which is typically within their reach the vast majority of the day) that allows them to use an app, even if they don’t have internet access. An app can be personalized to their wants and needs. You can send notifications about whatever you want, and they can select what type of news is most relevant to them. It opens the door for a better two-way communication flow which will enhance your relationships and brand loyalty.

Audience Analysis and Engagement
If your company uses memberships or accounts, you’re collecting some basic information about your audience. An app can take that and give you more detailed info about who they are, how they’re interacting with you and who is most engaged. Maybe in-person you have a good relationship with adults over 40, but online your audience is much younger. Knowing that can help you reach people where they are and help merge the gap if you want to. But that info would be hard to access without something they’re interacting with frequently.

Keeping Up With the Competition
There are millions of apps for Americans to choose from with different purposes and capabilities. If you want to shop, get news, check your personal accounts, chat with friends, edit media, or really anything you can think of, you can do it from your phone. We’ve grown accustomed to the fact that we have access to our favorite things in the palm of our hand whenever we want to access them. With such a crowded market, it’s hard to be seen, much less stand out.


Just like with any technology or software you work with, apps come with their own set of work and headaches. They require research and a detailed development and publishing process that can make it seem like the hassle isn’t worth it.

Time and Effort
You have to determine what the main purpose of your app will be for your audience, then how to design it to be appealing and user friendly. Once you’ve got those decisions made, there’s still the actual development process. All of these things require a special skillset that take time to learn, and if you don’t already have people on your team that can do it, the process will take that much longer to either hire someone that can or learn it yourself.

The Answer

If you look at the pros and cons, the answer is clear – an app is definitely worth it.

Where we come in

By now you’re probably either ready to jump in 100 percent to develop an app for your company, or you’re still a little on the fence but leaning toward a yes. If the thought of the time and energy required to make a successful app is what’s holding you back, don’t fret. Those cons are where we step in.

We’ll talk with you about your company, your goals and what you think the best direction for an app would be and any ideas you have for it, then get to work. From the initial design proposals to the wireframe and actual development stage, our team will walk you through the process while taking care of all the work for you. Once we’ve gone through our process (which includes testing everything and making it exactly what you want it to be and more), you’ll have an app that you and your audience will love.

And once it’s out there and on the market, we’ve still got your back. We have software and IT plans for us to continue working with your team on the management and maintenance of the app as long as you need us. Your continued success is the most important thing to us, and we promise to do everything we can to help you thrive. Give us a call today to start the conversation about your new app!